About Us

Quench (verb): 1. to extinguish or put out

  2. to relieve thirst

  3. to satisfy a need

We are three women, absolutely on the right side of thirty, who, for a variety of reasons, wanted a new platform for blogging. We are Lindsey, Hils and Donya, relics of the age of LiveJournal.

All three of us are based in GMT, and all three of us have been known to travel in pursuit of some of the great loves of our lives (sunshine and hockey players, obviously).

Our hope for this blog, is to write about the things we have in common, whether it’s ice hockey, or books, or movies, and to write about our more diverse interests. This will also be a space to write about, or signal boost issues that matter a great deal to us. 

You can also follow us on Twitter (@quenchblog) and on Instagram (@quench__blog).


I am in my late thirties (ugh), a pathologist and a cat-owner. I spend too much time on Twitter and began to realise over the past few years that I missed long-form blogging. Unlike the other two, I don’t have any online writing commitments. For me, that also means I don’t have any accountability and I’m hoping that QUENCH will provide that for me.

Because I’m in my thirties, I’ve definitely noticed that there are times when internet content is not directed towards me. I’d still consider myself a young woman, but I’ve certainly encountered a degree of ageism so I really want this to be a fun space for contributions and proof that life doesn’t end at 29, even if the joints start aching a bit and Netflix and chill literally means falling asleep in front of Netflix.

My hopes for this blog are mostly personal: to write, and to share opinions that aren’t served well by Twitter truncation. I really hope to provide short and long reads that may interest other people, and I sincerely hope my years of shit-posting on Twitter will serve me well in this venture.

I would love for QUENCH to last the course and maybe provide a bit of fun, and a bit of seriousness, for others.

Let’s get ‘er done.


Having been an active participant in online fandoms since the late 90s I sometimes feel like a dinosaur even though I’m only a month into my forties. But, I’ve also got to experience the fun of moving from mailing lists to Livejournal, to Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram (try as I might I do not understand Snapchat which is probably just an age thing).

Like Lindsey I spend way too much time on Twitter, and I love it, but sometimes you need something more substantial than a Twitter thread to talk about the things you love. While I do write for a professional blog for the NHL team that owns my heart (Go Avs Go!) sometimes I want to talk about other teams, or books I’ve read, or films that have had an impact on me. 

Basically I love to talk about the things I am passionate about, and hopefully bring new people to them (just ask the friends I’ve dragged into my various fandoms with me over the years).

Since my first trip to the US and Canada in 2003 to attend two Buffy the Vampire Slayer conventions in two weeks I’ve been hooked on combining travelling with my fandoms/hobbies. It’s a fantastic way of seeing new places and connecting with other people who love the same things you do.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you all, and hopefully making some new friends along the way. 


I’m the youngest of our intrepid trio, coming in at my early thirties, but have been heavily involved in fandom spheres for almost two decades. In fact, I’ve made a career of it, working closely with fans in my day job as a Community Manager for an indie games company. This means that – like my cohorts – I am near perpetually online.

For five years, I wrote for entertainment website Hypable, diving deep into everything from Star Wars, to Marvel, to animation, as well as the intersection between LGBT+ representation and identity in media, and my own personal struggles with mental health, chronic illness and how that plays into my fandom experience.

With QUENCH, I’m hoping to continue those conversations, alongside two incredible women who have shaped my life in interesting ways.

Like Lindsey and Hils, I also have a huge passion for sport, and write for my own team of choice (the Washington Capitals) over on RMNB, though you can equally find me screaming about them on Twitter when they do what they do. 

QUENCH, for me, is going to be an outlet where I can discuss the things I love, with two of my dearest friends, without limitations. I hope that, in small and big ways, it’ll resonate with others looking to share in a multi-fandom experience, reminiscent of the bygone days of Livejournal and mailing lists.