Music Monday: Hils’ February 2020 Car Playlist

I was travelling back from a convention yesterday so please enjoy Music Monday on a Tuesday.

February was an interesting month. I spent 2 weeks in Denver going to a bunch of Colorado Avalanche games, so I didn’t have as much commuting time to listen to my playlist as I usually do.

However, there were some songs that I fell in love with right away and a few more that grew on me, so without further ado:

Time Stand Still – Rush

I’m familiar with the early more classic rock material from Rush so it was nice to experience their 80s stuff which leans more towards synth pop but still with rock elements. This is a great song which is made even better with the addition of Aimee Mann’s vocals.

Mystic Rhythms – Rush

This one has even more of an 80s feel to it and I love it. I think it’s my favourite of all the Rush songs that were suggested for this playlist.

Wanted – OneRepublic

A combination of good lyrics and a great tune made this one that I latched on to pretty quickly. It wasn’t long before I found myself singing along in the car.

Friendships – Pascal Letoublon

It’s hard to describe why I like this song. There aren’t any lyrics, and it isn’t even really a tune you can hum along to but it gave me this sort of calm sense of relaxation when I was driving (which is weird for a dance track).

You and I – Barns Courtney

This is a classic pop song with a catchy chorus and good vocals. It got stuck in my head pretty early on.

She Said – Longpigs

Fell in love with this as soon as I heard. It’s exactly the genre of music I was listening to as a teen in the 90s. I’m actually surprised I haven’t heard it before.

S.O.B – Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

This is one of those songs you can’t help but sing along to loudly. The tune is great and the lyrics are fun. I’d have clapped along too if I hadn’t been driving.

I’ve No More F***s To Give – Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq

This is the most relatable song you will ever hear.

Maker (Acoustic) – Anjimile

A really beautiful song with beautiful and powerful lyrics.

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